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Available as:
AMY-P/25 Box of 25 A4 sheets
AMY-PS/25 Box of 25 A4 sheets and 50 mL of Iodine Stock Solution (optional: with a spray bottle)
NEW! AMY-PA2 A2 sheets, available in different pack sizes on request

Instructions For Use
last update: June 2019

Lotozynski A. Sensitivity and Intertextile variance of amylase paper for saliva detection. J Forensic Sci Res. 2020; 4:001-003.

AmylasePaper Developmental Validation Study by SERATEC®, January 2018.

Product Video
AmylasePaper Demonstration Video

The SERATEC® Amylase Paper is a mapping tool for the preliminary detection of saliva on samples of forensic evidence. A positive result indicates both presence and location of saliva. Thus, the subsequently extracted DNA can be considered to originate from saliva stains (no “touch DNA”).


  • fast and reliable: results in only 10 minutes!

  • works on any type of material

  • does not affect DNA of the test object

  • sensitive down to 125 mIU/mL of saliva

  • compatible with other more specific detection techniques and STR typing

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